❤️ Happy Father’s Day ❤️

If you don’t know what to get your daddy or husband, you can never go wrong with a thoughtfully written greeting cards. I know one of the most difficult part is writing how much someone means to us. Write how you feel about your daddy and husband and let him feel your emotions in the letter.
We seldom write about father’s day, However, there has been a development recently. Father’s day is getting more attention. Though, it has been an annual celebration, mostly celebrated on Sundays yet we need to recognise the efforts of our fathers. Our fathers who push every buttons to ensure we never lack a thing even when they don’t have it. We owe our fathers alot. Religiously and culturally, it is our duty to honor our parents (not just our mothers), we must respect and love them because we can never pay them back the sacrifice they made.

Many more times, efforts of fathers disappear into thin air. They mostly go unnoticed because we are closer to out mothers. They work like a cat that moves silently with no noise and sweat. May God be please with my mum who showed me those noiseless run, hidden sweat and the unseen pains to make me stand out. She told me, “your father fathers many”. He is a leader and a role model. My father show me the way of life. He told me anything is achievable if I set my mind to it, that gave me the inspiration to blog.
Father’s day is all about fatherhood and fatherhood is the duty that is entrusted to every male. They can be leaders, mentors, protectors, care-givers etc. From earliest times, men have been expected to lead their families, and men should be proud of bearing this responsibility. Today, however, too many men do not lead, and often they are not even there at all.
How can men be respected, loved and honored when they fails to live a worthy life? How can they be respected when they can’t lead their home? How can they be a mentor when they do not possess the skills. I salute the reputable ones. I understand it is not an easy task and now that I am married, my mother’s word ring back in my head
A life of a father is really sacrificial. Being a good father can easily go unnoticed, yet it is one of the most valuable assets to a family. We have a lot to do as mothers. Father’s hide their efforts and it is our responsibility to let our children know of their father’s effort
I celebrate my dad, my superhero. I celebrate my husband, our hero and I celebrate all the father’s out there who ensure they are leaders, mentors, protectors, teachers and guardian to their children. I am not forgetting those who couldn’t wait to eat the fruit of the labour, those who could wait to watch us grow and those who died in their prime.
Happy Father’s Day to you all.

Published by Aderoju

A legal practitioner, jovial young lady striving to be a better version of herself. A young lady always staying positive and keeping her dreams and other dreams alive...

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