❤️ Happy Father’s Day ❤️

If you don’t know what to get your daddy or husband, you can never go wrong with a thoughtfully written greeting cards. I know one of the most difficult part is writing how much someone means to us. Write how you feel about your daddy and husband and let him feel your emotions in the letter.
We seldom write about father’s day, However, there has been a development recently. Father’s day is getting more attention. Though, it has been an annual celebration, mostly celebrated on Sundays yet we need to recognise the efforts of our fathers. Our fathers who push every buttons to ensure we never lack a thing even when they don’t have it. We owe our fathers alot. Religiously and culturally, it is our duty to honor our parents (not just our mothers), we must respect and love them because we can never pay them back the sacrifice they made.

Many more times, efforts of fathers disappear into thin air. They mostly go unnoticed because we are closer to out mothers. They work like a cat that moves silently with no noise and sweat. May God be please with my mum who showed me those noiseless run, hidden sweat and the unseen pains to make me stand out. She told me, “your father fathers many”. He is a leader and a role model. My father show me the way of life. He told me anything is achievable if I set my mind to it, that gave me the inspiration to blog.
Father’s day is all about fatherhood and fatherhood is the duty that is entrusted to every male. They can be leaders, mentors, protectors, care-givers etc. From earliest times, men have been expected to lead their families, and men should be proud of bearing this responsibility. Today, however, too many men do not lead, and often they are not even there at all.
How can men be respected, loved and honored when they fails to live a worthy life? How can they be respected when they can’t lead their home? How can they be a mentor when they do not possess the skills. I salute the reputable ones. I understand it is not an easy task and now that I am married, my mother’s word ring back in my head
A life of a father is really sacrificial. Being a good father can easily go unnoticed, yet it is one of the most valuable assets to a family. We have a lot to do as mothers. Father’s hide their efforts and it is our responsibility to let our children know of their father’s effort
I celebrate my dad, my superhero. I celebrate my husband, our hero and I celebrate all the father’s out there who ensure they are leaders, mentors, protectors, teachers and guardian to their children. I am not forgetting those who couldn’t wait to eat the fruit of the labour, those who could wait to watch us grow and those who died in their prime.
Happy Father’s Day to you all.

Judge Others Favorably

From waking up to brushing your teeth, getting dressed for work, driving, riding the train, or taking the bus. These are the times that someone will surely upset you. People will bump into you, cut you off, take the seat you were going to sit on, and not hold the door open for you. Transportation usually brings out the worst in people. Let not even talk about the pandemic now cause it’s a story for another day, the tiredness of wearing nose mask, going around with sanitizers and adapting to the new ways of life could make anyone go mad. This is your opportunity to not get bothered by other people’s bad manners. You are the one who will suffer. Your day will be ruined because they didn’t even notice they bumped into you, cut you off, or took the seat you were going to sit in. Judge others favorably. You never know what battle they are fighting. Have a productive day.


This week is for elders, so we continue from where we stopped yesterday. Some people are hearing Ageism for the first time. Some know what it but don’t really have a depth knowledge about it. Most organisation are found guilty of ageism either directly or indirectly, posting a job advert and putting a specific age limits is ageism. Nobody has the power to stop himself or herself from aging and this time am not talking about the physical appearance that can be taking care of by beauty cosmetic products. This article will give you the basic knowledge you need, to understand what ageism is.

Ageism is discriminating toward an individual or group based on age. Ageism can be a situation where someone generalizes that all older adults are frail, weak, or forgetful; or it can refer to an older person assuming someone younger is not experienced enough to be competent. Like other “isms” (racism, sexism, etc.), ageism creates negative stereotypes about people based on their age. Elders suffering from cognitive challenges’ undergo serious personality changes; at this point they need care and attention not discrimination. When they are left unattended, most of them are gripped with overwhelming feelings of dejection, purposelessness; some of them even turn violent. Regardless of the fact that many of us know that aging is a natural progression and it has its own shortcoming, most of us tend to ignore this and resort to an unruly approach.
When Does Ageism Occur?
Ageism can occur at any point when a person is perceived to be “old.” There is no definite age when ageism officially begins for older adults. Individuals over the age of 80 are usually affected most often, as this is age when physical impairments tend to become more visible.
In summary, birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age are the most crucial stages in a man’s life. All these stages have their very own issues and troubles. As each level passes the physical strength deteriorates as well as the mental stability lessens.

Even though we are living in the digital era that also has us busier than our parents were, they might not understand it at their age. It is important that we teach ourselves ways in which to provide the much needed elderly care while being full of compassion and respect. You need to be available at least to visit them and talk with them for a while and make sure they know they’re important to you. Therefore, be ready and available for them when they need you. Take their elderly care as your responsibility.

Don’t Burn Bridges.

By that I mean maintain your relationships with people even if you think you are never going to see them again. For example, if you are quitting your job, don’t chew out your boss before leaving! You might run into him/her again later in life and wish you had never severed ties so harshly. Your new job might even need a recommendation letter from your old boss. You never know when you might need the help of someone you knew in the past. It is imperative to burn bridges that don’t allow you to cross, stay away from bad vibes and always stay positive.
Notwithstanding the above when burning bridges, be careful not to torch the person on the other side. They were meant for something, just not for you, don’t include your children, your wife or husband in any matter, don’t cry more than the bereaved and don’t cause collateral damage in any issues. Don’t do something permanently stupid just because you are temporarily upset, if you have to burn bridges don’t let it be bridges you cross. Nobody is useless, they are not useful to you does not mean they are not useful to others. Plus there is already too much hatred in this world, why add more towards the people you interact with?

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

Do you take care of an elderly person in your family, your neighborhood or total stranger?
Have you ever stand up for an elderly person to sit at the railway station or car park?
Have you call to check up on any senior citizen you know? Finally, can you remember any acts of kindness and compassion you’ve shown or exhibit to an elderly person in your locality or family? If you answer any of the above question in the affirmative, then this article is for you. On the other hand, if you answer any of these questions in a negative tone, this article is specifically for you.

There are various instances in the Qur’an and Bible where old age is mentioned. Islam and Christianity teaches us to treat elders with respect. Respecting our elders should be a courtesy ingrained in every one of us. Common grace and manners are to treat elders with dignity and respect. Sadly, these important dignities have been largely forgotten in today’s society and that why June 15 is declared as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Agencies, organizations, communities, professionals and foundation like ours (OLD CARE NIG) around the world will observe World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The national theme for this year’s observance is “Using the Past to Re-write the Future” and the nationally recognized color to represent elder abuse awareness is purple.
As a matter of fact the elderly population and disabled adults in our state and communities have the right to feel safe and to be treated with dignity and respect just the same way you and I want to feel safe and be respected. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every elderly individual and disabled adult in our state. Based upon reports from previous years,elderly individuals and disabled adults have been and are being abused, neglected and exploited in Nigeria every year.
Since age progresses, various medical issues happen, some of the particular known diseases usually are blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure issues, arthritis, cancer malignancy, joint pains, tuberculosis, as well as kidney infections. It is important to note that it just not disease that affects old age; there are various other issues that govern the downfall of the health of the old people. However, one of the main issues is the negligence from the younger generation. Old people need supervision, the laxity to understand the needs and worries of elders make them appear strangers to the younger generation, who later regard them as a burden. Old people are subject to abuse from family members over property dispute, some of them are even forced to sell their belongings and live in penury till death. Many of them are scared to express themselves or fear being humiliated by their loved ones.
You will agree with me that elders desire a life with good health, dignity, economic independence and finally a peaceful death. They long for care, love and affection. Understanding their needs and concerns, will ensure their good health. Lending an emotional support to the elders keep them jovial, which is inevitably the ideal way to live a healthy life.

To sum to up, even if an elder hearing or memory isn’t what it was in the past, our elders have great wisdom to impart, It’s one thing to read about Nigeria history, Nigeria heros and heroes, war time but it’s more engrossing to hear about it from someone with first-hand knowledge. Younger generations must learn the importance of respecting their elders and make time to listen and spend quality with them.#saynotoelderabuse# #actkindtowardsaseniorcitizen#

Choose Your Friends Wisely

You are affected far more than you think by the people you spend your time with. Do your friends share your values? Do they encourage you when you speak of your goals and dreams or do they scoff? Make sure the people around you are conducive to the lifestyle you want to lead or you will find yourself being dragged again and again into behavior that distances you from your desires. Friends with a habit of producing negative thoughts will especially hinder you. This can be a hard task to follow through with if you realize you good friend is one of these saboteurs, but you must be firm! Don’t let anyone get in the way of you being all that you can be. Have a productive week ahead!

Do What You Love.

There is a huge difference between making a life and making a living; which one are you making right now? So many spend their entire lives trying to make as much money as possible so that they can afford to do what they really want later. It makes no sense to settle in life until you’re 65 so that you can retire and do what you want when you’re already WAY past your prime. We only live life once so why wouldn’t you want to spend it pursuing your bliss? To do anything else would be a tragic waste of the freedom you are allowed if you are reading this right now. Follow your bliss and you will be a thousand times more happy than your retirement date and 40+ years younger. But first you need to figure out what you love to do…

While making a living don’t forget to make a life….

Compassion at workplace

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”—The Dalai Lama
Compassion, which means “co-suffering”, is a positive emotion that allows people to show that they care and are willing to help. Practicing and showing compassion has the ability to spread harmony in any environment, making it ideal for the workplace. In psychology, compassion is considered as more of an action instead of an emotion. Combining care, empathy, and love, being compassionate helps alleviate the suffering of others.
Benefits of compassion in workplace
First of all, managers often mistakenly think that putting pressure on employees will increase performance. What it does increase is stress. 52% of employees have report that workplace stress has led them to look for a new job, decline a promotion, or leave a job and research has also shown that high levels of stress carry a number of costs to employers and employees alike. I found out that when leaders were fair and self-sacrificing, their employees would experience elevation.
It is important to also note that focusing on workplace compassion encourages healthy interpersonal relationships. It allows people to recognize and appreciate others sincerely, and work to benefit the organization instead of just oneself. Being compassionate with colleagues doesn’t just affect both parties, but also has a positive impact on the performance culture in general. As a consequence, they felt more loyal and committed and were more likely to act in a helpful and friendly way with other employees for no particular reason. In other words, if a manager is service-oriented and ethical, he is more likely to make his employees follow suit and to increase their commitment to him or her. Furthermore, workplace compassion also promotes employee engagement, dedication, and loyalty. Employees who work together with compassion are more likely to cooperate and help each other out.
I strongly believe that when organizations promote an ethic of compassion rather than a culture of stress, they may not only see a happier workplace but also an improved bottom line.
Despite the above points, managers may shy away from compassion for fear of appearing weak. Yet history is filed with leaders who were highly compassionate and very powerful—Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and to name a few. They were such strong and inspiring leaders that people would drop everything to follow them. Wouldn’t any manager wish for that kind of loyalty and commitment?

To sum it up, the point that compassion plays a vital role in all fields cannot be overemphasize; in our medical field we need more of compassionate Drs and nurses because compassion has the power to increase healing and coping in our patients.

Compassion is an essential element in society and is vital to the survival of the human race. Individuals and groups with power (i.e., police, policymakers, politicians, etc.) have an opportunity to contribute to more healthy, peaceful communities by practicing and promoting compassion.
By remembering history— including where compassion was both lacking and in abundance— human beings will be more empowered to make compassionate and meaningful life choices. This is the first step toward creating the the loving and peaceful society imagined by so many of us.

Self Compassion

Imagine a world without the countless individuals who risked their own lives to save others during wartime. Imagine a world without those who’ve run into burning buildings or executed other heroic feats of rescue during times of trauma. It’s unthinkable.

Benefits of Compassion
A. The combination of self-compassion and optimism is beneficial for depression-vulnerable people.
B. Self-compassion is linked to various aspects of general well-being and it buffers the negative impact of stress
C. Compassion is related to increased happiness and it also related to higher levels of well-being
D. Self-compassion has a number of proven psychological benefits, such as reduced PTSD symptom severity and lower levels of psychopathology in general.
E. Compassion promotes social connection among adults and children. Social connection is important to adaptive human functioning, as it is related to increased self-esteem, empathy, well-being; and higher interpersonal orientation
F. Compassion within classrooms is related to increased cooperation and better learning, teach your kids and students compassion in school and at home just the same way you teach them about religion.
What can I do to be more compassionate?
Be altruistic; We can be more compassionate by moving beyond our comfort zones and helping individuals or engaging in service work as a way of helping people, animals, and our communities. Altruistic behaviors also improve the self-esteem and well-being of those who offer them.

Avoid judgment; It is impossible to know the factors that have led a person toward their current predicament; nor how we would fare in the same situation. Considering our own similarities to others in need will help to promote empathy and compassion.

Practice gratitude;Reflecting on the things in your life that you appreciate will foster a sense of compassion for those less fortunate.
Be kind to yourself; Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Remember that all human beings are flawed and will make mistakes; ongoing rumination and self-loathing serves no benefit to you or anyone around you. Instead, practice self-forgiveness and coping tools that will help you to move forward in a more positive way.

Self Compassion.
Self-compassion is different than self-esteem. Self-esteem depends on our accomplishments and on others’opinions of us. However, self-compassion involves a consistent attitude of acceptance and kindness toward ourselves, no matter what.To practice self-compassion, begin by noticing how you talk to yourself. If you notice that your thoughts are usually critical, negative, or judging, examine how you can shift them. Imagine speaking to yourself as you would speak to someone you love and want to comfort.
In addition to offering compassion to others, we need to offer it to ourselves. Research on self-compassion shows that it has multiple positive benefits, including
Better ability to relate to others, increased happiness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, greater optimism, more positive mood, decreased stress, stonger personal initiative, a sense of curiosity and exploration.

Conclusively, Nemo Dat Quod non Abet; you cannot give what you don’t have. You have to be 💯 percent compassionate to yourself before you can extend your compassionate heart and mind to your neighbors, you co-workers, your friends, families, and strangers.

Compassion 1

If animals can be compassionate, what’s stopping human being from been compassionate. Yes, compassion is evident among other animal species, such as monkeys, whales, elephants, and so many more. And of course, dogs and cats have been known to show endless amounts of unconditional love and compassion for humans. The Dalai Lama said “Compassion reduces our fear, boosts our confidence, and opens us to inner strength.”
Compassion is as vital to life as the air we breathe. For in the absence of compassion, how many benevolent, selfless and heroic deeds would have happened throughout history?
Imagine a world without Mother Teresa, Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, Obafemi Awolowo, Mary Slessor, MKO Abiola, Herberty Macaulay Martin Luther King, Jr., St. Francis of Assisi, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and so many others.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that one in four of us will experience a mental health problem in our lifetimes, yet many of us most in need of mental health services and support often go without it, there is therefore great need to be compassionate about oneself and towards people around us since our mental health facilities are not really accessible and affordable. We can not only improve our own mental wellbeing and self-kindness, but can also help to reduce the stigma often associated with mental illness that can limit one’s willingness to seek help when needed.

What Is Compassion?
Compassion is defined as the ability to understand the emotional state of another person. Moreover, it encompasses understanding our own emotional state. As a result, compassion motivates us to help and support others—and ourselves. It inspires us to do what we can to ease another person’s suffering. In fact, compassion literally means,“to suffer together.”
Compassion is an innate human quality, according to researchers. Therefore, we are all born with the tendency to be generous and kind to others. However, as we age, all of us face challenging circumstances and feel emotional pain at one time or another. These experiences can stand in the way of our natural compassion. That’s because it’s hard to feel love and compassion for others when we feel empty ourselves.
The good news is that compassion is like a muscle that can be strengthened with practice.

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