Reality of Marriage as Oppose Fantasy!!!!!!

Yaaah💃💃💃💃! Its another episode of marriage talk on Female Guide and today I will be discussing Reality of Marriage as Oppose Fantasy! Get your 📝 and chilled Juice…. A fantasy is an idea with no basis in reality and is basically your imagination unrestricted by reality. Reality is the state of things as they exist.Continue reading “Reality of Marriage as Oppose Fantasy!!!!!!”

❤️ Happy Father’s Day â¤ï¸

If you don’t know what to get your daddy or husband, you can never go wrong with a thoughtfully written greeting cards. I know one of the most difficult part is writing how much someone means to us. Write how you feel about your daddy and husband and let him feel your emotions in theContinue reading “❤️ Happy Father’s Day â¤ï¸”

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