World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

Do you take care of an elderly person in your family, your neighborhood or total stranger?
Have you ever stand up for an elderly person to sit at the railway station or car park?
Have you call to check up on any senior citizen you know? Finally, can you remember any acts of kindness and compassion you’ve shown or exhibit to an elderly person in your locality or family? If you answer any of the above question in the affirmative, then this article is for you. On the other hand, if you answer any of these questions in a negative tone, this article is specifically for you.

There are various instances in the Qur’an and Bible where old age is mentioned. Islam and Christianity teaches us to treat elders with respect. Respecting our elders should be a courtesy ingrained in every one of us. Common grace and manners are to treat elders with dignity and respect. Sadly, these important dignities have been largely forgotten in today’s society and that why June 15 is declared as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Agencies, organizations, communities, professionals and foundation like ours (OLD CARE NIG) around the world will observe World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The national theme for this year’s observance is “Using the Past to Re-write the Future” and the nationally recognized color to represent elder abuse awareness is purple.
As a matter of fact the elderly population and disabled adults in our state and communities have the right to feel safe and to be treated with dignity and respect just the same way you and I want to feel safe and be respected. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every elderly individual and disabled adult in our state. Based upon reports from previous years,elderly individuals and disabled adults have been and are being abused, neglected and exploited in Nigeria every year.
Since age progresses, various medical issues happen, some of the particular known diseases usually are blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure issues, arthritis, cancer malignancy, joint pains, tuberculosis, as well as kidney infections. It is important to note that it just not disease that affects old age; there are various other issues that govern the downfall of the health of the old people. However, one of the main issues is the negligence from the younger generation. Old people need supervision, the laxity to understand the needs and worries of elders make them appear strangers to the younger generation, who later regard them as a burden. Old people are subject to abuse from family members over property dispute, some of them are even forced to sell their belongings and live in penury till death. Many of them are scared to express themselves or fear being humiliated by their loved ones.
You will agree with me that elders desire a life with good health, dignity, economic independence and finally a peaceful death. They long for care, love and affection. Understanding their needs and concerns, will ensure their good health. Lending an emotional support to the elders keep them jovial, which is inevitably the ideal way to live a healthy life.

To sum to up, even if an elder hearing or memory isn’t what it was in the past, our elders have great wisdom to impart, It’s one thing to read about Nigeria history, Nigeria heros and heroes, war time but it’s more engrossing to hear about it from someone with first-hand knowledge. Younger generations must learn the importance of respecting their elders and make time to listen and spend quality with them.#saynotoelderabuse# #actkindtowardsaseniorcitizen#

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